Welcome Babe, Happy You’re Here.

“It is never too late to get back to the peak.”

The Casazza Method is a community to help build healthy habits, set goals, and push beyond “limits.” This company was designed to give clients the support and tools they need in order to achieve goals they set out for themselves.

The Method:

Strength in numbers. Whether you’re developing a healthy lifestyle, considering it, or starting from square one the biggest elements is support. Throughout mine and my clients’ experiences, we found that when you have a support system along the way it makes the process easier and more enjoyable. Sometimes finding that support is the hardest part.The method helps build a supportive community, which leverages you to propel forward and not fall back. We believe that if you are given the tools and support, then achieving your goals is a lot easier than you think.

Accountability + Consistency + Determination

= The Perfect Formula.

Miss. Casazza:

Marissa Nicole is your typical 9 to 5 girl that tried every trick and tip to develop a healthy lifestyle. She has been active all her life, until a few years ago when spiraled down an unhealthy path and fought hard to climb back up.

“The battle uphill was tough, but the feeling at the top was like no other.”

Two years ago she became certified in Group Fitness Instruction and Personal Training. Since then Marissa has taught for an NYC Dance Company, numerous dance cardio studios in the city, and furthered her training in a variety of educational programs.

When she is not developing strategies at her 9 to 5 marketing job, instructing at studios in NY & NJ, or designing new programs for clients…. you can find this NY native cooking it up in the kitchen or eating TUBS of peanut butter.

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