A Comeback Story.

Since a very young age, I always participated in physical activities with a lifestyle of being healthy and physically fit. My basketball, soccer, softball, tennis, and lacrosse careers were short-lived, as I showed moments of greatness (or at least I thought so), but lacked the competitive attitude and focus needed to excel in sports.  Nevertheless,  I always found ways to stay in shape, and ultimately dance, gymnastics, personal training and working out became my outlet.  I kept up this pace for most of my adolescent years and into college, feeling good, and even avoiding the “freshman 15” at the start.

Sept 2016- May 2017
Fast forward to my senior year of college; when I lost all motivational drive to workout and in turn gained 25 lbs. I’m not sure what the trigger was, maybe living it up in my last year before “real” adulthood, or the swirling thoughts of what my future would look like, would I get a job?  would I be able to adjust to life beyond “the fun times”?  The thought of stepping foot in the gym was terrifying, and a place that was once my sanctuary became my own personal hell. I thought it would be too difficult to “undo” what I have already done to my physical appearance and the uphill climb seemed too great.  For a moment, I was willing to accept this as my new reality.
What the happened to me?….the girl that was once motivating others…. the girl who’s confidence beamed across the room….the girl that always pushed herself and never gave up?

July 2017
After graduating college, I struggled with how to fill my time and keep myself busy. Making the transition into the “real world” without the luxury of having roommates, friends and constant activities around all the time was a challenge. I felt a little bored and a little lonely as well.  Then one day last July,  the switch went off in my head, just like that, I decided to dig beneath the dust to find that girl again. The girl who was full of life, full of energy and physically fit.
I started out slow and worked my way up. I set little goals for myself each week, which kept me motivated to stay consistent and positive. I woke up every morning at 4:30 am, drove to the train station, commuted an hour and a half each way into the city, and walked my butt to Equinox before going to work each morning.   In the beginning, it was tough and waking up that early was dreadful, but each day became easier and easier.  In November, I ran my first half marathon, 13.1 miles, something I never thought would even be a possibility for me.

June 2018
With almost a year since I started on this new journey, I have lost 28 lbs, reduced my body fat by 11%, dropped 3 pant sizes & turned most of my body into pure muscle. My passion for fitness re-ignited and I have become someone I am proud to be. This passion of mine ran so wild, that I got my group fitness instructor certification and started teaching a few classes. I also participated in my company’s “Bag Hunger” month, by donating my nutrition plans for associates to purchase, while raising money for charity. I have become educated about the human body, the effects of nutrition, and the importance of staying active.
This change affected me way more than just physically because now I also feel mentally and emotionally stronger. For the first time, I know the feeling of true confidence and I am happy in my own skin. My outlook on life is dominated by positivity, and I don’t believe in “limitations” anymore. I used to say “I can’t lose weight, this is my body type … I just have to accept it.” Boy was I wrong!  If there is anything I learned this year, it’s that you have the ability to do and change whatever you want in your life; the only limitation is yourself.

I am happy to experience each day with exuberance, cherish it and make awesome memories.  My transformation has taught me so much about myself and amazed me in unexpected ways, and I hope to inspire others to take that first step in making a positive change in their life. I have developed a healthy and balanced lifestyle, accomplishing numerous goals that seemed “unrealistic,” and pushed myself more than I could ever imagine. Most importantly, I’ve learned that it’s never too late to get back to the peak, whether it’s in your personal life, business life and everything in between….hard work and dedication… that’s the magic.

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