Glute Workout.

Total Time: 26-35 minutes


  • Resistance Band
  • A Smile

Warm-up: 1 & ½ minutes

  • Resistance Band Lateral Side Steps – 30 seconds
  • Body-weight Squats – 10 repetitions

Repeat 2x – No Rest

Circuit #1: – 8-10 minutes

  • Banded Squats (Narrow Stance) – 15 repetitions
  • Banded Fire Hydrants – 15 repetitions each side
  • Banded Squats (Wide Stance) – 15 repetitions
  • Jump Squats – 20 repetitions

Repeat 3x – 30 Seconds Rest in between sets

Circuit #2:  8-10 minutes

  • Step-ups – 10 repetitions each Leg
  • Lateral Lunges – 10 repetitions each Leg
  • Banded Donkey Kicks – 10 repetitions each Leg
  • Touch-downs – 30 Seconds

Repeat 3x – 30 Seconds Rest in between sets

Core Stability:6-8 minutes

  • Bird Dogs – 20 repetitions
  • Bicycle – 20 repetitions
  • Mountain Climbers – 30 seconds
  • Frog Crunches – 30 Seconds

Repeat 2x – 30 Seconds Rest in between sets

Got Extra Time?? Walk it out!

  • 5.0% incline or higher
  • 3.8 – 4.2 mph
  • 20-30 minutes



Movement Tips:
Lateral Side Steps: In a 1/2 squatting stance, take two steps to the left – then two steps to the right. During this you want to keep your body in the 1/2 squat while tightening your core.
Touch-Downs: Take your right hand and jump squat until you touch the ground — jump back up, and repeat with the left
Fire Hydrants: On all fours, (think table top) put the resistance band right above your knees and raise one leg to the side (think dog peeing LOL), then come down and repeat on the same leg.
Frog Crunches: Laying down, put your two feet together to form a diamond shape, crunch up with either your hands behind your head or in front of you.
Banded Squats (Narrow & Wide): Squat normally, but position your feet shoulder width apart (narrow stance). Squat normally, but position your feet further than shoulder width (think sumo wrestler) and slightly turn your toes outward (emphasis on slightly) – (wide stance).
Bird Dogs: On all fours (think table top), extend your right arm in front of you while extending your opposite leg backwards, hold for 3 seconds, come back to table top and repeat with the opposite side.
Donkey Kicks: On all fours (think table top), put the resistance band around your knees (allowing it to be between your left knee and the floor), while keeping a 90 degree bend in your leg, extend your right foot up towards the ceiling. Finish the repetitions then switch sides. 

Note: If you want to do this at home, and don’t have a resistance band… that’s okay! You can still complete this workout.

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