Meal Prep Idea

Did you meal prep this weekend??!!

Meal prepping is one of my favorite things to do on Sunday evening because it allows me to be in control on how my week will go. It allows me to feel prepared and organized, ready to start the week on the right foot.

When I meal prep, I generally like to think of two different dishes that I can switch on/off for lunch or dinner. This weeks meal prep contains taco salads, turkey burgers, roasted veggies, & peanut butter protein shakes (breakfast) …. and get this, I only spent $32 at the grocery store.


2 scoops vanilla or chocolate protein powder

1 tbsp of unsalted peanut butter

1/2 frozen banana

1 cup unsweetened vanilla almond milk

6 ice cubes

Lunch/Dinner options:

Option 1: Taco Salad

2 cups of Kale

1 thin chicken breast

1/8 cup brown rice

1/8 cup low sodium corn

1/8 cup red kidney beans

1/8 cup black beans

1/8 cup sliced cherry tomatoes

2 tbsp avocado vinaigrette

Option #2: Turkey Burger Salad & Veggies

2 cups of kale

1 turkey burger patty

1/2 sliced tomato

1/2 cup sweet potato

1/4 cup roasted red onion

1/2 cup roasted broccoli

1 egg (sunny side up)

1 tbsp balsamic vinaigrette (drizzled on veggies)

What’s for dessert??!!

I normally spread a tbsp of peanut butter on a mini chocolate chip biscotti

Happy Prepping !!!

What did you prep for this week!?!?

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