Dust off. Comeback.

As humans, when something doesn’t go our way…we shut down, get discouraged, and feel as though we will never achieve the goal that we had set; leaving us at a fork in the road.

There are two options you can take: give up or come back harder.

Which do you choose?

These past few months have been a whirlwind for me. I set a goal for myself to finally becoming a dance cardio instructor. Yes, I am a personal trainer & I love what I do…but this has also been a passion of mine. Unintentionally I fell in love with a company, took my first class and knew this is where I needed to teach; nothing else could compare. 

Flashback to April 2018:

I signed up for an audition, which was in 2 weeks…I had a ton of preparing to do. Side note: I am not one of those people that “wing it,” I like to be knowledgeable about what I am getting myself into in order to remain one step ahead of my competition. I auditioned and knew, there are so many more qualified individuals here…but yet I still made it to the final rounds; eventually getting cut. However, I knew that that experience was what I needed to train even harder for the next round. I started to practice more, took a class whenever I could, and learned from all of the other instructors. However, that wasn’t enough for me because I needed to do everything I could to become a member of the team…so I applied to be a work-study associate. 


August 2018:

The audition sign up sheet finally went out, and I felt like I was prepared. Ready to rumble. I made it through the audition with flying colors, the owner even gave me a thumbs up. I thought I had it in the bag when during the third round of callbacks I fell short. I was cut.

I felt defeated, discourage, and for the first time in a while…genuinely upset. But then I thought to myself…there is no reason to be hard on yourself. You have to make a decision, are you going to give up and quit? OR are you going to get up, dust off, and come back even stronger? I chose to dust off and fight once again, because when faced with adversity…I don’t give up until I get what’s mine.

In life, things might not go the way you intended for them too and that is okay. The important thing is the decision you make after. You mustn’t use your energy to focus on the negative or what you could’ve done differently. Instead, you must take that energy, and channel it in a positive way. You’re stronger today than you were yesterday and when adversity knocks, chose to fight through it.

There are takeaways from everything you go through, and without these experiences & hardships…we wouldn’t develop & learn in order to better ourselves. Take everything you knew before, what you know now and put the two together in order to make your comeback stronger than ever.

Make this promise to me, and yourself:

When you fall, dust yourself, hold your head high, and comeback harder…because you are a fighter. When you get to the top, I promise you the reward will be that much greater.

I am now a dance cardio instructor for a different company. A company I love, and one that loves me. Without going through my situation…I would’ve never found them and gotten to where I am today. And like I said, the reward is definitely that much greater.




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